what snooki will get soon cuz she spends all day in a tanning booth to look like an oompa loompa.
these ppl should stop tanning all the time and get a life!

i know! they'll get melanoma like Snooki!
by the NINJA Cheesecake December 5, 2010
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disease you can contract from using a tanning booth

fancy talk for 'sexified'
Chris: But dad, I heard if you use one of these things you can get something called 'melanoma'
Peter: Ah, dont worry about it, thats just fancy talk for sexified
by The Big Nasty November 14, 2004
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Chris: But dad, I heard that if you use tanning beds, you could get something called "melanoma".
Peter: Aw, that's just fancy talk for "sexified".
by Gearbox August 12, 2005
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Two individuals (usually two chicks or bf/gf) who have complete disregard for the high probability of skin cancer or changing of seasons. They are so addicted to tanning that they will risk being the only jackasses who obtain a golden tan.. in December... in Ohio.
Anna, " Wow Bif and Tif i really like how your golden delicious tan sets off your Christmas sweater."
Melanoma Twins,"Thanks we thought so!"
Anna, "You do realize its fine to NOT have a tan when its snowing, i mean its kinda bad for you and you guys look like my coffee table, it's a bit much."
Melanoma Twins " Thanks! Were totally hot!"
by dirty-pirate-hooker July 14, 2008
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The dreamscape reality consisting of an inescapable, horrific malignancy, certain death and the everything in between.
HO-LEE-SHIT bro! I woke up last nite sweating thru the sheets and scared as fuck because some nightmare doctor just old me I had an incurable, advanced cancer with only weeks to live.
Yeah. melanoma dreams pretty much suck.
by YAWA May 5, 2021
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A sour old person that festers in their misery, and slowly sucks others into their miserable vortex.
Visually very displeasing to the eye.
Highly susceptible to media propaganda and COVID-19.
You are putting Melanoma's at risk by not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask.
My god that woman is an unbearable melanoma, I cant make eye contact with it anymore its going to rot my soul.
by DougyDOOOUG February 11, 2022
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