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When you get hungry after smoking weed. Usually people will eat a lot of junk food.
Two kids are getting stoned:
"...and ice cream, and a whole pizza just for me, and some chips, and a soda, and some chocolate...maybe some chinese food, gummy worms, lasagna, rice, ramen, chicken and a hamburger...oh yeah, i almost forgot i wanted some fries with that..."
"Damn...that's some serious munchies you have!"
by Miss 420 August 23, 2003
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consumption of copious amounts of carbohydrates and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids after inhaling the byproduct of combusting the hemp plant. (Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannibanol)
I ate chocolate ice cream on a blueberry bagel, I must have had some hardcore munchies.
by Milly December 19, 2003
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A odd feeling in your stomach after smoking marijuana. You aren't ACTUALLY hungry, it's just really hard to stop eating. Usually, the person with the high, will come over, smoke, then eat EVERYTHING in your house. Seriously, if there's a burnt pepperoni in your oven, they'll eat it, if there's a perfectly good cookie in the trash, they'll eat it. After this, they'll bust out laughing, say extremely deep things, and fall asleep for about 12 hours. If they're true stoners, they'll wake up and do it again!! Lol.
Stoner: Got any food?
Friend: Ya, in the fridge.
*Stoner goes and comes back 5 mins later*
Stoner: Thanks
Friend: Whaddya eat?
Stoner: Uhhhhhhhh.....*Giggles*what?
Friend: What did you eat?
Stoner: *Giggles* I love life, the world is like a bag of chips, all shiny and pretty, then you open it and have unlimited happiness.
Friend:.........What the hell did you eat?
Stoner: Uhhhhh.....everything *Giggles*.
Friend: WTF??!
by Jonathankn July 10, 2008
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when you eat a lot after you've been high for a few minutes. Contrary to popular belief, when you have the munchies you are generally NOT HUNGRY. it's more like... eating feels really really good. Imagine feeling like you've never eaten before. Sometimes things will taste like something totally different. Chocolate cream oreos can taste like blueberries, for example. Imagine everything tasting like the best-tasting thing you ever ate in your life.
"I have the munchies like crazy dude. I've been drinking mustard, lemon juice, and honey mixed!"

"I got some badass munchies. better break out the oreos"
by pot expert March 01, 2006
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A slang word for any sort of craving.
My pockets got the munchies, and I feed them well (this sentence means he has a craving for money, but makes a lot).
by The Great Dark February 01, 2015
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Dude, I'm so fucked up and I got the munchies... let's go to Denny's and get some chocholate milkshakes and seasoned fries with some ranch dressing, oh yeah and one of those skillet meals, dude, I love Denny's... I'm so fucked up
by scoburn July 29, 2003
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