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The interval of time immediately before a project is due, when it becomes apparent that the schedule has slipped and everyone is going to have to work like dogs to try to complete the project in time. Crunch time usually occurs during the period between the next-to-last scheduled milestone (prior to which everyone was able to delude themselves tht the schedule had NOT slipped) and the final deadline for delivery. During crunch time, workers are in crunch mode. Prevalent in the software industry, but used elsewhere as well.
"We've got three weeks left to complete six weeks worth of work. Looks like we'll be living on take-out for a while."

"I freakin' hate crunch time."
by Evac156 February 22, 2005

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Cam-to-cam. Online interaction where both parties are visible to each other via webcam. Sometimes used for simple conversations, but most often for exhibitionistic/voyeuristic remote sex. Usually seen in terms of a proposition in a chat room.
My webcam is on, any horny ladies want to join me for c2c?
by Evac156 February 18, 2005

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An experience that is enjoyable because it stimulates the mind pleasantly, but doesn't actually make it work. Usually in reference to light and fluffy books, movies, TV shows, and other entertainment. Akin to eye candy.
No one ever called Star Trek great drama, but it makes pretty good brain candy.
by Evac156 February 09, 2005

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1. To have sex with a wide (and often indiscriminate) selection of partners. 2. To have sex outside of a supposedly monogamous relationship. 3. To waste time, or to generally screw up a task.
(For 1): You're going to catch something really nasty if you keep fucking around with these sluts.

(For 2): Your boyfriend is so cool, I can't believe you fuck around behind his back.

(For 3): Get back to work, we don't have time to fuck around here!
by Evac156 February 09, 2005

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Uninformed. Ignorant of the situation. Not receiving appropriate information. Think of "the loop" as being a communications channel, and therefore being out of the loop means no one is communicating with you to get you the information you need.
Manager: Why did you miss today's staff meeting?

Employee: I didn't know there was one scheduled. I was completely out of the loop.
by Evac156 February 24, 2005

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The way one works during crunch time. In an effort to make up for schedule slippage and meet a deadline, workers are required to make sacrifices including (but not limited to) sleep, nutrition, social life, hygiene, and product quality.
The whole team is in crunch mode, so we've got the sleeping bags in the office and we're sending out for more pizza.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005

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Verb. To fall as if from a great height, hit the ground with a significant impact, and end up below ground level. Used figuratively to describe a severe downturn in popularity, reputation, value, etc.
The president's approval rating really cratered after the latest scandal.

My stock portfolio cratered during the tech sector implosion a few years back.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005

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