10 definitions by Shanya Almafeta

One who is excessively insistent upon the smallest detail of something, usually through ignorance or taking things too literally.
"Here's an entry reccomended for deletion because it's not 'urban'. And here's an entry reccomended for delition because it's not written as if in a dictionary. I do think these anal-retentives are quite missing the point of Urban Dictionary."
by Shanya Almafeta November 17, 2004
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In the game Shattered Galaxy, crater describes territory 44 -- the territory in the exact middle of the map. It has only one POC, is easily defended, AND repairs can be made there without returning to the capital, making it an ideal forwards-base -- as well as a hotly-contested zone for battles.
Attacks against Crater are tough, man. Get 10 people to go with you or don't go at all.
by Shanya Almafeta April 06, 2004
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The company whose products (including programming languages, operating systems, and productivity software titles) form the backbone of modern computing.
Microsoft is a fine example of 'horizontal growth'.
by Shanya Almafeta May 09, 2003
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Active verb: To accidentally reveal that you are transgendered.

Passive verb: To be revealed as a bisexual through no action of your own.
Erica's mom nanked him when she read her diary.
by Shanya Almafeta April 06, 2004
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Short for the Open Gaming License, a competently written open license (compare to the GPL, an incompetently written license). The most famous game that has been released under the OGL includes d20 (the system that runs the Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and Call of Cthulhu role-playing games), although there are a few other minor games also released under this license.
If it says OGL on the cover, it means it was written for d20 but they can't say that, wink wink, nudge nudge.
by Shanya Almafeta April 16, 2004
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Started as a typo long ago on an obscure mailing list, the 'scree-fise' have developed into a modern myth.

Scree-fise are an invading alien race. To survive, they need certain human body parts, most notably, kidneys and eyes. Corpses are often found missing these body parts.

Scree-fise reproduce by laying a parasite into a host, which takes over the host and turns it into an adult scree-fise. This takes time, however; within one month, the parasite can be removed by simply kicking the parasite sharply. After one month but before three months, the parasite may be removed with surgery, and with lasting side-effects similar to Type I diabetes. The parasite is unremovable after three months.

Scree-fise also have a 'lig form, which is a eight-full tall killing machine with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It is believed that changing from normal adult to 'lig form is irreversable; other forms (such as piscine or centipedal) are rumored but not confirmed.

Scree-fise biology is suspectable to an indiverse number of acids and other compounds; luckily, these are concentrated in a good strong mango tea. In fact, if frequently drunk, the scree-fise will not be interested in you as a victim, for it makes your system dangerous for consumption or egg laying.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Scree-Fise have had enough time to insinuate theirselves in positions of power, such as CEOs of media corporations and political bigwigs. They are using this to hide the fact of their existance, and their movements are for now unknown to humanity at large.

Scree-fise have also been featured in Omlevex Comics.
Beware, my child. The scree-fise run wild tonight, and they come for your eyes and kidneys.
by Shanya Almafeta November 17, 2004
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