to talk for a long time in a boring way
I had to listen to Mikey crapping on about his music collection.
by CALD 3rd Edition May 2, 2016
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One who uses old freakin' easter candy for halloween.
Why you lazy crap for crap!
by JNNC July 25, 2006
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what one says when one is afraid to say shit
by refl3xive March 26, 2004
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Craps is a casino gambling game that involves 2 dice. The person rolls both dice and if they get 2,3, or 12 they lose, and if they get a 7 or 11, they win. Anything else, and the rules change. Now the person needs to roll his previous number before he rolls a seven. Keep doing this until he either gets his number and wins, or rolls a seven and loses. That is the basics of craps. This is the most balanced game in casinos, and the probability of winning is about 49.3%.
If you are on a winning streak in craps and the casino offers you drinks on the house, dont take them. You wont remember anything and the next thing, you wake up with your leg up your ass.
by crapassmaster November 17, 2005
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A word that I use alot but cunts accuse me for swearing
Me: crap!
Mum: don't swear
Me: I didn't swear
Mum: it's not a swear word but it's a bad word still
Me: whatever.
by Me you dick July 4, 2017
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one of the most commonly used words in the dictionary; it means many many things
(n) 1. a pile of shit 2. the closest word in the dictionary to being a cuss word without actually crossing that line. 3. worthless junk and/or pointless things 4. a great word to say repeditively without other people getting mad at you since you arnt cussing
(v) to take a sed crap
(adj) (crappy) worthless, terrible, shoddy, pointless, etc... (crapfully) 1. badly 2. sincerely (as in the closing of a letter)
what in the crappy crap is going on??
what the hell is this crap all about?
you are a serious piece of crap.
Crapfully yours, The Claw
aw holy CRAP!
you ?#*@ing piece of %^$# %&#$ *^*$ crap %&#^@ crappy *&&#* craped *#@& *%&#*$ %&@*$ *%&^#* crap!
by The Claw May 9, 2005
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