something that happens, an occurance or event. it is used specifically in inquisition, and is featured in the motion picture Joe Dirt.
A bro, or brosky, will walk through your front door unbeknownst to you with a twelve pack of rolling rock or corona, at which point you exclaim: "What's crappening?!"
by corey c. October 23, 2006
(1)Shitty stuff that happens on a daily basis OR (2)funny stories involving poo
(1)Waking up late, traffic, spilling coffee on your keyboard, getting ridiculous assignments from your boss. These could all be on your list of crappenings OR (2)that wonderful story your mom tells every year at Christmas about how she caught you fingerpainting with feces when you were two.
by Melonie Perino June 12, 2008
An immediate, immense bowel of such proportions that you lose all sense of reality momentarily. Not to be confused with a, “Seat Snapper,” which is of denser consistency.
Friend: “Dude, come out of it! Dude! Dude! Are you okay?
Crapper: “Man, it was a Crappening....I’m okay now. Whew!
by Fart Esq August 19, 2019
Crap happens. Crappens is a blend of crap and happens and is more indifferent, lazy and quicker to say than "shit happens". Crappens has the added bonus of making the listener ask you what you said which usually pulls them out of their whine.
Whiner: Oh man, I can't believe blah, blah blah...
Disinterested listener: Meh, crappens.
by Vidiette August 9, 2008
A word you'd use if something bad has recently happened and you're late to witness it.
A useful combination of crap and happenning, mainly used in the workplace.
What's crappenning?
by RAB June 7, 2004