any place that stinks, is ugly, disgusting, dirty and expensive. Basically any nightclub in Britain
"What was the club like last night?"

"It was a dirty craphole"
by Heather Scott July 4, 2005
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the equivalent of asshole: directed at a person who did something unfavorable
Nathan is acraphole.
by justin "jaye" overton May 12, 2005
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What makes Philadephia such a craphole is the people that live in it. The most obnoxious group of people that USA has to offer. The city alone competes with the entire state of New Jersey for being the arm pit of america.
by the truth 5775 January 7, 2012
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A big piece of crap. People always hate them. They are the biggest pieces of crap
Guy 1, “That girl is a craphole.”
Guy 2, “ So true.”
by Bob the fricken builder February 10, 2019
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The son in Starkid Productions's "The Trail to Oregon", played by the iconic queen Lauren Lopez.
CrApHoLe YeAh tHaT's mE i'M 7 aNd i'M mALe
by Grace Wilbourn May 11, 2020
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as in. "gee yall this sure is a craphole " i am living in..

"yall know america is a craphole"
by marleyb March 19, 2004
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