3 definitions by Heather Scott

any place that stinks, is ugly, disgusting, dirty and expensive. Basically any nightclub in Britain
"What was the club like last night?"

"It was a dirty craphole"
by Heather Scott July 4, 2005
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A profession that highly skilled people find themselves in when they can't find a better job.

For all those people who say that teaching is great.....it is....just because all the kids are like Vikki Pollard
Shit I can't find a job that opays more than £10,000 a year....better go into teaching
by Heather Scott November 4, 2004
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An excuse for people you barely know or like to invite you to spend a fortune on them and fawn over them for a whole day. Sometimes they will give you expensive wedding lists and yet get away with feeding you Asti Spumanti and mild cheese sandwiches.
Once invited to the wedding it is a downhill spiral into debt and having to buy summery dresses in the winter, and an expensive gift that you know that you cannot afford and that they will never use.
"so how come you can't afford that new BMW 3 series?"

" I have been invited to a wedding and have to save up for the gift"
by Heather Scott July 4, 2005
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