A place that is put down by arrogant europeans who have never been there.
oi innit america's just some shit hole with a disneyland? and everyone's fuckin obese and dont know shit, innit.

the united states of america has lots of variety and is a nice place to live.

by Angelacia February 18, 2008
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A country that every other country begs for help because they are falling apart, we help them out of the the goodness of our hearts but the moment something that goes wrong its our fucking fault and were made the villian.
other country " oh help us help us!!!!!!"
the united states of america "sure of course"
the united states of america " really, because you didnt feel this way when we were bailing your asses out"
by Broski1469 March 8, 2010
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A federation of heavily tied states that was invented by a group of people known as "the founding fathers" for the purpose of evading taxes with the goal of "Manifest destiny". Similar to the nazis "Final solution" which referred to the state-sponsored genocide of the jewish people and was seen as the answer to the "Jewish question" manifest destiny was seen as inevitable and necessary and included the unsubstantiated and dangerous belief of inherent superiority of white Americans over the native Americans and eventually in the end, the native Hawaiians. In more modern and recent history the united states of America broke its promise to secure freedom of speech in an attempt to prevent workers from having more power and say in how the economy should be ran along with placing weapons of mass destruction in eastern europe starting a cold war and eventually getting into other wars from the famous Vietnam war to proxy wars like that in afghanistan. said proxy wars are responsible for many problems today such as the brutal taliban. a clan of terrorists which descended from a terror group funded by the united states. (for the sake of owning the commies of course.)
Oh no. The united states of America are escalating tensions again. we might lose even more lives now!
by lolcatz_420iguess January 26, 2022
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let’s get things straight: i do not live in america nor am i apart of the general populous that inhabits the 50 states and recognized territories in which that the united states possess; i was born and currently reside in the large city known as Liverpool, United Kingdom. However, unlike 99.9999999% of citizens that reside on the island of great britain, i am actually PRO-American. Most of the stuff we have (ie phones, furniture, hardware, etc) is shipped from you guessed it, the us of a.

what country has the strongest economy, military? The united states.
Before hating on the united states of america, via stereotyping them as “ignorant” “fat” “lazy” go get a phone, unlock it, type “the USA” in the search bar, and edu-ma-cate yaself on the bloody country. before bashing their politics and electoral system, look at our problems first, the EU for instance. we literally left because of how much of a mess it is.

“their president sucks” our prime minister is literally getting “impeached” (fired) because his @$$ was watching pr0n IN A BLOODY GOVERNMENTAL MEETING AND VIOLATED HIS OWN COVID GUIDLINES HE SET FOR US TO ADHERE TO. Before ignorantly stereotyping America negatively, open a book and read it
i’m in year 11 if you think i’m young or stupid :)
by aqxa on the yt June 15, 2022
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Let me describe the USA (the country I live in) from an unbiased viewpoint. Yes, many of us are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and racist. Yes, our government and job market is shit. Much of the accusations are true. However, as an American, I don't appreciate predominantly European people generalizing everybody in my country. I am ashamed at many of the things my countrymen have done throughout history, but it is also a country of equality, where anybody can make something of themself if they work hard enough. Home to some of the greatest musicians, inventors, and scientists of all time. And not to be an ignorant American, but we did help greatly in World War Two. Trying to "hog some glory"? More like winning essential battles, including Normandy (perhaps the most important battle of WWII) with the help of the British and Canadians, of course. Even though Europe was in an enormous state of turmoil, and we helped the Allies greatly, they cannot show gratitude, they can only judge us even more. And let me be perhaps the first in a long while to say: France, thank you for your tremendous help during the Revolution, we wouldn't have won it without you. I write this with the utmost respect for European countries, please respect us a little more, and don't just recognize the bad things about the USA, but the good things as well, as I do.
Englishman: The United States of America is full of ignorant, fat assholes!

Americans: Our country is the best and the Europeans are pessimistic retards!

See? Every country is full of ignorant, moronic people! Find the good in each country and their people, and acknowledge the bad, but don't generalize and discriminate.
by Beatlesman September 30, 2011
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The World's Scapegoat.

America's a pretty big place, and its full of all different kinds of people everywhere you go.

We're just a bunch of normal people living in a counrty with a messed up reputation and a mighty big spotlight for a mighty small man.
People will be people, wherever they live.
by wysiwyg August 13, 2004
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