The online theatre cult of our boy Satan, the real man.
Whenever I'm up on stage, I think of Starkid and throw one down for my boy Satan.
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Literally the lifeblood of the Musical Theatre community. Famous for their 2009 musical, "A Very Potter Musical" it has since gained a cult following and launched the career of one Darren Criss. Also its amazing omg go check out Trail to Oregon-
Person 1: Yo whats Starkid
Person 2: Oh, only my emotional support theatre company
Person 1: Probably why you're depressed all the time, huh.
by itreallybemehuh July 20, 2019
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a group of people graduated from University of Michigan that write and perform musicals (mostly known for their fan-made Harry Potter musical: A Very Potter Musical)

they also all have nice butts
Person 1: Have you seen Lauren Lopez from Starkid? She has SUCH a nice butt
Person 2: Who doesn't have a nice butt that is from Starkid??
by PotterheadInATardis August 26, 2012
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Everything else everyone else has said except Starship is no longer recent- Holy Musical B@tman is the most recent. Also, AVP3D/A Very Potter Senior Year has also been recently performed at Leakycon and will hopefully be posted on Youtube soon.
Jaime: Have you seen Holy Musical B@tman?

Lauren: No. Is it a Starkid play?

Jaime: Ya! It's based off of Batman and it's really funny.
by iluvstarkid November 7, 2012
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A supermegafoxyawesomehot Youtube musical group made up of a bunch of totally awesome stud muffins like...
Joe Walker: "Rule number one...."
Joey Richter: "Red vines, what the hell can't they do?"

Joe Moses: "What the devil is going on here?!"

Lauren Lopez: "All respectable wizards wear diapers!"

Dylan Saunders: "What the hell is a hufflepuff?"

Brian Rosenthal: "I can't sleep on my side, I have back problems!"

Darren Criss: "In the muggle world i'm something they call a douchebag."

*Musical Productions are Me and My Dick, AVPM, AVPS, Starship
"I'm going to a Starkid show later tonight!"

"Really? That's totally awesome!"
by StarkidLUVSEGGS June 2, 2011
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Starkid is a group of young actors that graduated from Ann Arbor acting school in Michigan. They quickly became famous on YouTube with their production of "A Very Potter Musical", a fan-made musical based off of the book by J.K.Rowling. They later went on to produce A Very Potter Sequel, Little White Lie, Me and My Dick and, most recently, Starship.

Starkid is also a name given to a member of the Starkid fan base, and a more dedicated fan base you will be hard pressed to find. "Starkids" are very protective of their own, and if going up against one of them you should be prepared to take on all the Starkids that leap to their defense. This is particularly true if you insult one of the Starkid cast.

Starkid is particularly famous for the easy going, laid back nature of their productions. The style of the performances usually allows for a lot of audience interaction. The friendly style of their shows are also added to by the inclusion of many inside jokes and pop culture references - both recent and classic.

The Starkid fan base grows more and more tight-knit as members of Starkid are becoming more famous and they are not very tolerant of those who claim to be fans of individual Starkids, yet have not bothered to incorporate themselves with Starkid Productions.

The Starkid members themselves are close friends. It is a common belief amongst the Starkid fan base that no matter how famous any individual member of the group becomes, Starkid will always be their "true home".
Joe Walker is my favorite Starkid!

I've seen all of the shows - I am a true Starkid!

They're not real Starkids, they haven't even heard of AVPM.
by Nedafish February 25, 2011
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our fave insane theatre company, we worship a duck and believe that satan is a real man.
friend: what’s starkid
friend: okaaaayyy....
by duck is lord April 20, 2020
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