The dried-up & flaky substance that, at an earlier time, was once pussy juice.

Crabble is most commonly found on one's chin 30 minutes after having performed oral sex on a woman.
Husband: Hi honey!

Wife: "Where have you been? It's 2am."

Husband: "I was out bowling with the guys."

Wife: "Bullshit! You've got crabble all over your face!"

Husband: "Uuuuhhh....ummmm.... It's not crabble... I swear..."
by GoBlue88 October 29, 2006
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a sarcastic word to use instead of cool when something really boring is said.
Oliver: I went to the shop today
Gareth: Crabble that
by GMJ December 08, 2013
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This term originated in Northern Virginia. Exactly how, we do now know.
The process of smoking marijuana, informing of smoking marijuana, and, or being under the influence of marijuana.
Hey man, I have some milk, want to go to the heb and crabble?

Man... I am so crabbled right now!

by Andrew J. Landers May 03, 2007
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ollie went down on tinks skanky minge and was confronted by a vast amount of crabbles
by stefburns99 November 22, 2005
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An emotional crisis that leaves you in a state of feeling distraught, frustrated, anxious.
My problems have left me with a mess of crabble. As a result of my screwed up relationship, I am all crabbled up.
by AAM2012 July 25, 2011
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To consume passive mobile media with your mobile device propped up in front of you.
How was the flight? It was fine. I crabbled "Gran Torino".
by Neubigmac May 23, 2009
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