Has some of the America's worst traffic jams.
He got stuck in the traffic in Northern Virginia for hours and hours.
by Pancakes and Syrup June 23, 2007
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A region in the north of Virginia consisting of Fairfax, Arlington, Loudon, Prince William, Alexandria, and Falls Church. It is a largely suburban area. It is home to an unusually high proportion of immigrants and minorities, particularly Asians. Because most Northern Virginians either moved to the area recently or are descended from people who did, the region's culture is not primarily Southern as the rest of Virginia is, and it tends to vote liberal more than the rest of the state. Its economy is heavily influenced by its proximity to Washington D.C., and many residents work in the government or technology. These industries have made Northern Virginia is very affluent, and as of 2009, 4 of the top 10 highest-income counties in the U.S. are in Northern Virginia. Lower education in Northern Virginia is some of the best in the country.

Some immature Northern Virginians condescend to Southern Virginians and whine about their tax dollars going to the south. Some immature Southern Virginians complain about how arrogant, bratty, and stupid they like to imagine Northern Virginians are. Most people in both regions are normal, perfectly nice people who know better than to define themselves by the patch of geography they happen to live on.
Alice: Hi, I'm from Northern Virginia.
Bob: Hi, I'm from Southern Virginia.
Alice: Uh oh... you're not an illiterate, racist redneck, are you?
Bob: Um, no. You're not a shallow, soulless trust-fund brat, are you?
Alice: Not really. Hey, do you want to go make fun of Californians instead?
Bob: Yeah, I can't stand those guys!
by lukebn May 23, 2010
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Northern Virginia is a vast wasteland of overpriced, cheaply build, homogenous real estate that is inhabited by "upper-crust of society" suburbanites with no sense of community or civic responsiblity to others. Generally the people who live here are rude, elitest, pampered, disconcerned, ineffectual and perfectly content with the aformentioned.
Welcome to Northern Virginia, please leave your soul at the Stafford County line.
by Rezilution August 12, 2008
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Pretty much the Un-sexiest place in america. Very preppy and almost 80's prep feeling with a touch of a corporate picnic. Generally a place where government contractor family type trans-plants live. A place were people get really excited about a new shopping center, town center or a metro stop being built in their boring planed community because there is nothing else to do or think about. Everybody pretty much works for the government, a government contractor or a big corporation. You will see a bunch of colonial style brick shopping centers and houses built in fields and woods.
Very generic and boring with a touch of country without the politeness and hospitality you would expect in a country ass looking area. actually one of the rudest areas I have ever lived in. Uptight, non out going or friendly, overly aggressive(in traffic) people I have ever come across. Over priced and poorly built ugly houses and townhouses made of red brick with cheap brass accents for all the "sheep" to buy. People are very bland looking. Dudes wearing JC Penny style outfits: khaki shorts with braided belts and a polo shirt or their old college t-shirt and maybe some hard penny loafers or gay ass sandal.(summer weekend outfit only) the weekday work outfits are worse. You will see a lot of people wearing work badges on their belt or around their neck.
Hey dude, I'm getting transferred to Northern Virginia.
Hope they are paying you well!
Maybe you can find a red brick colonel with brass door knobs
by Trev321 August 2, 2011
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Northern Virginia has some of the nations worst traffic jams. The area of Northern Virginia now legally extends from D.C. South to Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The only reason Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties are considered part of Northern Virginia is because of the vast commuters to D.C. (Stafford is not any better than Spotsylvania what so ever, in fact Stafford has less population then Spotsylvania. Stafford - 138,000 ; Spotsylvania 145,000) Anyways, There are over 2 million residents in the Northern Virginia region. There are many cultures and languages and also a decent music scene.
I live in Northern Virginia.

I'm moving to Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia has thirty mile back ups.

Yes, Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties are now technically in Northern Virginia as of mid 2007. If you have a problem with it, move away.
by glamourcide November 29, 2007
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Northern Virgina or "NOVA" for short is an area in the due North and North Eastern part of Commonwealth of Virginia. This area is dominated by the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and the city of Alexandria. In addition it contains many smaller cities which share common boarders/land with the larger counties.

In this region south and West of the Potomac River, also very far South of the Mason Dixon line, the most arrogant and staunch yuppies found in the Commonwealth if Virginia can be found. Even those considered "lower class" in this region live far better than your average person. In addition, while there are a high number of immigrants in this region, many of them prefer to be considered "Caucasian."

Northern Virginians love to play dual roles. First they claim to be "northern" which in fact they are just a step above Red Necks and one step below Hill Billies on the evolutionary chain.
Finally they all proclaim they are
from the District of Columbia or "D.C

If a Northern Virginian was dropped of on Martin Luther King Ave in SE Washington, or Suitland PKWY where D.C. and Prince Georges County Maryland boarder, said Virginian would pee his/her pants.
Most people from the "NOVA" area have never been beyond Georgetown in the District of Columbia (which ironically boarders Arlington County/Roslyn V.A.) and very few of them ever venture beyond their sheltered communities and ways of life.
Guy#1 "So where are you from?"

Guy#2 " Northern Virginia "

Guy#1 "Cool, my family is from Virginia."

Guy#2 "How dare you sur...you have insulted my honor and I demand satisfaction! I ain't no kinda southern hick from Virginia, I'm a Yankee BOY!"

Guy: "Oh so you just moved into this city, it can be a scary place, where you from?"

Girl: "Not it's like...not, I'm from like D.C.!"

Guy: "Aww cool, which part? I grew up in North East D.C. off Eastern Ave, then moved out to Sliver Spring Maryland before coming here, what about you?"

Girl: "Uhmmm...I lived in like uhmmm Fairfax and my BFF is from Arlington."

Girl: "Is North East like the other part of Georgetown?"
by professionalism March 16, 2009
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Home of Latino gangs such as MS-13 ,South side locos, and 18th Street. If you don't believe google it!
In Northern Virginia, where police estimate MS-13 gangs have over 2,500 members in Fairfax county. People think Northern virginia have no gangs but they do!!!! try living in an area where you got to watch your back from gang members who would chop off your hands and fingers also they have enemies such as South Side Locos, 18th street, and crips such sets as GD, UGC, and 33rd.
by Uknown Va October 21, 2006
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