When something is beyond what you expect.
Man your car is Royal.

That is a Royal Phone.
by Ricky Boettcher October 28, 2006
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He/she is hot sexy seductive and confident boss vibe a bit dangerous but kind and funny the balance.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 3, 2020
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A guy who claims to hate girls and always disrespects them, but ends up crying and complaining about being single.
Royal just called that girl a slutty bitch last week, and now he wants to marry her.
by am2y February 22, 2014
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it means cool. when something is ill its "royal"
damn, that party last night was fuckin royal.

that benz on 19s was royal as hell.

it would be so royal if i got to go to the Beck concert.
by ryan February 2, 2004
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Delicious drink consisting of Crown Royal Whiskey, and Canada Dry ginger ale. Garnish with orange slice in tall skinny glass.
Bartender! Make me a Royal.
by Regulation Hottie October 30, 2006
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Royal is a type of cryptid that is a series of squirrels, possums, and pigeons, all sharing the same old man costume. A Royal drinks white wine and tells a ton of lies. If you see a Royal, you’ll become allergic to dairy.
I can’t go to Dairy Queen, bro. I saw a Royal last week. Soft-serve gives me diarrhea now. I also can’t tell you what’s real and not real!
by Hecktrocutioner420 May 24, 2019
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