1. the exhiliration/happiness a person find in something
2. the confidence gained in skating or surfing
Man, I really lost my stoke, i can't even ollie anymore!
by baseddisciple February 14, 2014
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used to describe somthing that is really cool or amazing, taken from the term stoked which means looking forward to
"dude that movie was so stoke"

"the way she freaked out was definatly not stoke"
by toykiller666 January 4, 2011
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To interact with someone in a verbal or physical manner so as to inflame their carnal senses and feed their passion.
The touch of his fingers on her vagina stoked her lust.
by Knyte Writer February 15, 2007
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Another term for gypsy; this word is commonly used in Derry (N.Ireland) as an insult.
They go about town tappin ye fer booze most of the time.
"err she is a while stoke that wee girl"
by sian223 July 11, 2008
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A growing form of the verb smoke (as in smoke a cigarette). It is growing in popularity around America.
by DBreaux May 17, 2011
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A british term meaning for a person to have sex with another.
Les Miserables "Even stokers need a little stoke"
by charliepants October 29, 2006
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