One who is notorious for selling drugs. Someone who brings more attention than necessary to themselves in their dealing of drugs. Often times get arrested.
Only sell that yayo to your homies, if not you'll be a hot boy and niggas will snitch on you.
by Darren from L-Town November 29, 2007
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A dangerous location; a hotspot for police. A spot where recent illegal activity has occurred.

Also, an area with a large number of police
*after smoking an l*
pete: we should dip, its mad hot boy here
steve: aight

*after 5 cop cars appear out of nowhere*
chris: damn it just got hot boy
by Mjoint Puffer November 30, 2010
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Someone who is over dramatic/ makes a big deal over little things.
"Oh my gosh, I had one sip of alcohol and now i'm so wasted!!"

Hot boy ^
by unfirahsken May 15, 2011
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Keep runnin' yo' mouf an you goona have some hot boys in yo' ass
by moon October 12, 2003
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A half drunk, unfinished beer left behind at a bar that another person drinks with gusto and pleasure, particularly when they are inebriated and out of money.
After Jimmy bought his eighth round of the night, he discovered that he was out of money. As luck would have it, a man had left a lukewarm pint of beer on the table next to him. Jimmy grabbed the hot boy and drank it in one sip.
by Schtap June 11, 2007
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