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Senor Cardgage Mortgage's way of saying no problem.
Senor Cardgage: Valerie need home lawn, no probalo
by Tyler Sadex June 29, 2004

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Person who lies constantly and tries to make themselves seem cool, also a person who acts different when you are hanging out with him only, then when you are hanging with him in a group.
Gooberface Mcfaggleberry: Man, I am so cool, I totally made out with Hottie McSparklepants last night.
Josh: No you didn't Gooberface...No, you didn't.
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004

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This isn't your normal everyday could you please, the way it is ment o be said is in a harsh manner, this is because it means stop it. Sorry this definition sucks, I am busy gherkin it.
Tina: Tyler! Get your hands out of your pants!
Sadex: Tina, could you please.
by Tyler Sadex May 26, 2004

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Someone who loves to say stupid things spontaneously, also someone who likes to say something that was funny once, repetitively.
Tommy: Hey dude, PINEAPPLE BUTT!!! Hahahaha(annoying laugh)
Ben: Dude, Tommy, that was funny once, that was it, you ferq.
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004

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When you and a gang of your friends dress up in very slippery clothing on a rainy night and go sliding down hysterically wet hills into puddles.
Chris: Dude, did you see Sadex curdskirt all the way down that hill?
Antonio: Yeah, let us go check if he is drowning.
Chris: No, he is a big guy now, he can handle it.
by Tyler Sadex June 10, 2004

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To be that which is known as Noah. Noah is wat everyone wishes to be, but shall never achieve. He is great, he is groovy, he is NOANZER!!!
Man, I wish I was a Noanzer.
by Tyler Sadex May 19, 2004

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Uuber Goober. Someone who knows a lot of nonsense that people do not give a rats ass about. Also, the king of all kinds of sausage and salami alike, thats right folks, salami.
Torra Borra: The circumference of the square root of 17 oranges is equal to that of the pound total in kilobytes of a d-ram processor.
Me: Torey, go play DDR.
by Tyler Sadex May 24, 2004

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