14 definitions by Tyler Sadex

Someone who loves to say stupid things spontaneously, also someone who likes to say something that was funny once, repetitively.
Tommy: Hey dude, PINEAPPLE BUTT!!! Hahahaha(annoying laugh)
Ben: Dude, Tommy, that was funny once, that was it, you ferq.
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004
Uuber Goober. Someone who knows a lot of nonsense that people do not give a rats ass about. Also, the king of all kinds of sausage and salami alike, thats right folks, salami.
Torra Borra: The circumference of the square root of 17 oranges is equal to that of the pound total in kilobytes of a d-ram processor.
Me: Torey, go play DDR.
by Tyler Sadex May 24, 2004
Person who lies constantly and tries to make themselves seem cool, also a person who acts different when you are hanging out with him only, then when you are hanging with him in a group.
Gooberface Mcfaggleberry: Man, I am so cool, I totally made out with Hottie McSparklepants last night.
Josh: No you didn't Gooberface...No, you didn't.
by Tyler Sadex May 21, 2004
Jesus Chirst...A misspelling on one of Mathias' shirts in which is ironic, because his shirt sais "School of Higher Learning".
Jesus chirst, this shirt has a mistake on it...awexome.
by Tyler Sadex May 19, 2004
Someone who enjoys sticking their nose into people rectums and then proceeds to sniff hardcore. Also known as a rectum reader.
Mathias: Oh man Beth you are such a miffler.
Beth: Tyler, I hate you.
Me: Huh?
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004
This is what you call someone when they are being obnoxious, annoying, stupid, lame, or if they are rambling. This word may be confused with the animal, the newt, but if you are questioned, just spell it out for them.
Tyler: Dude, Torey would not shut the hell up, he just kept rambling on obnoxiously about the illuminati.
Stevie: Yeah, he is a true knute.
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004
A loser who failed his temps test half a dozen times and didn't get his lisence till he was 19.
Chris: Oh man, we are on our way to college.
Torey: Yeah, hey did you here that TJ just got his lisence?
Chris: But isn't he 19?
Torey: Yeah, he is a Joneser.
by Tyler Sadex May 19, 2004