Thug> Dude your weird...
Crack> wtv
by crack December 12, 2004
Short for whatever, is used commonly by people in a context of a conversation where they know the other person is right, don't want to admit it, and can think of no coherent argument to the contrary.
Brett: See man, you can tell I was totally right, Pluto is not longer a planet.

Jurgen: wtv man. wtv.
by rainyday99 November 1, 2009
what’s the verdict,

it means what are you doing or what are your plans for the day
ex: ayo twiz, wtv? smoke? function?
by bigolfoo November 1, 2019
short form of whatever, used by Michelle when she really really wants to end an argument and give her victim no way back. Usually results in said victim being crestfallen.
me: hey wanna go out for a drink
michelle: wtv
by jcdish July 3, 2006
Watch the video. Use whenever you need to tell someone to watch a youtube video that they seriously need to watch.
*you send a link*
*person changes subject*
*person watches and comments on video*
by Incognito person May 16, 2012
“are you coming over
“yeah, wet titty versha” (wtv)
by not snat October 17, 2020
Omg how u doing Catherinewtv’ doing pretty good what the vibe for u though
by Homo.fag.asseater.69 September 19, 2019