A rapper who doesn't rap about drugs, money, and sex, he raps about real things that happened in real life. His song 'Let You Down' Went platinum and that's how he got popular
Some guy: Bro, did you hear lil pumps new song

Other guy: Nah, I'd rather listen to NF
by BettiRavioli April 3, 2019
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The most real rap artist out there, especially considering his slogan is Real Music. Born in Michigan, his childhood left him with less than desired, but he took that and turned it into his music which is valued by many. Most know him from the song Let You Down, coming from his album Perception in 2017, which is about how his parents left him feeling as a kid. Other songs from NF include but are not limited to: Outcast, Circles, Why, No Name, Know, Therapy Session, Real, Remember This, and Beautiful Addiction. If you haven't heard of NF, I suggest you listen to him, because he will change your life.
"The christian rapper NF changed my life for the better through his music."
by Outcast445 February 27, 2019
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NF is an extremely talented rapper from Michigan and all of his songs are depressing and how he got to his glory.
NF fan: bro did u here about that NF concert it was lit
Other fan: Ya dude
by Idk what to write here September 17, 2018
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means "Not Frat"
That GDI is wearing cargos. That's NF.
by UF Sorostitute September 10, 2010
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An abbreviation (non-factor) that describes a person that displays a behaviour that is below the norm of society. It can also be implicated to a person that shows unbelieveable stupidity in a certain situation. Coined by Ibrahim Mahamed Hadi/Somran Roy in Ottawa, On. Canada.
Example 1
A: That person looks like he just lost his job
B: That's an NF move...

Example 2
A: Yo man, i just failed a test that i have been studying for over a week straight
B: You NF
by TooReal12 March 22, 2010
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Non-Friend, people who usually try to tag along with plans of hanging out or something.
Anthony is a total NF, he is gonna invite himself to the party!!
by Shazaamizer June 22, 2006
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