1. A cheap form of lodging used mainly by college-students or recent college-grads, where one stays on acquaintance's couches rather than a hotel.

2. What someone who can't afford rent on their own and/or can't find roommates quick enough does when they are "between" places
1. dude1:I'm hittin' up NYC this weekend.
dude2:Damn, thats gonna be expensive.
dude1:Not rilli, my boy from college just got a job and a place in Manhattan, and I'm couch surfin'.

2. person1: Whats up with Joe, he's been here like all the time.
person2:he just broke up with his girl, and doesn't have a place yet, so he's couch surfin' here 'til then.
by Aaron August 4, 2004
A skilled professional sport; most often taken up by the homeless musician. It may consist of riding the 'ultimate wave' ( prolonged or permanently scored sofa accomidation) or smaller and shorter waves (temporary stays).
These skilled and talented 'couch athletes' sometimes consider getting a job, but usually are back out in the surf within a few weeks thereafter. WARNING: This culture is extremely territorial!
Locals only dude!! Dont snake my wave or I'll smash my guitar over your head...
by herbiewa July 27, 2004
when a someone is on a couch that is being dragged by a moving vehicle
Dude, Jacob surfed all the way down the neighborhood when he was couch surfing last night
by drenched September 6, 2008
To live/stay at someone else's home, not paying rent, buying food, or contributing to much of anything of value for the household.
Can I couch surf at your parent's house, until I get off dope and get a job?
by Uncle Beasley August 30, 2006