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lyle rodgers and chuck clark are the two most brilliantly composed characters in the history of cinema-

" tellin the truth can be dangerous buisness...'
by herbiewa May 20, 2004
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relatives of the koala, indigenous to Australia...these are the scariest most insane creaters in the world. Largely unknown to those outside Australia!
The bloody drop bears mate...betta whatcheself-
by herbiewa May 04, 2004
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a rocknroll hair style worn by indie rockers or those of the indie rock genre.
Also known as the floppie,the shaggy, the vulcan, or the modified bed-head; this male hairstyle generally consists of hair ready made to fall over the eyes-
I can pop I can rock and I have a mop I can pop rock.
by herbiewa April 21, 2004
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A skilled professional sport; most often taken up by the homeless musician. It may consist of riding the 'ultimate wave' ( prolonged or permanently scored sofa accomidation) or smaller and shorter waves (temporary stays).
These skilled and talented 'couch athletes' sometimes consider getting a job, but usually are back out in the surf within a few weeks thereafter. WARNING: This culture is extremely territorial!
Locals only dude!! Dont snake my wave or I'll smash my guitar over your head...
by herbiewa July 27, 2004
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money, or the aquisitoion of.
damn dude look at that stash of cash man.....whats up with all that bankroll??
by herbiewa March 27, 2004
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the most vulnerable and exceptional expression that you will ever see on a persons face
Dude, she was the hottest girl that I have ever been with but man, her cum face was crazy. She looked like someone stuck a fire extiguisher up her butt and turned it on full blast.
by herbiewa July 25, 2004
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