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In any fundamentalist group where Poe's Law applies, a paradox exists where any new idea (or person) sufficiently fundamentalist to be accepted by the group is likely to be so ridiculous that it risks being rejected as a parody (or parodist).
Conservapedia: "Reasonable Explanations for Atheism - Moral depravity, ... poor relationship with father, ... scientism."

New Conservative member (who honestly believes this): "They could also be demons sent by Satan to try to convert our children so they'll go to hell."

Conservapedia: "You're not funny. Parodies have no place here."

Atheist member: "HAH! Poe's Paradox!"
by Sleeker February 16, 2009
"It is impossible for an act of Fundamentalism to be made that SOMEONE won't mistake for a parody."
Fundamentalist: "God killed all of the babies and little kids in the Flood because he loves them all."

Normal Person #1: "All right, I'm calling Poe's Law."

Normal Person #2: "Nope, this nut is for real. Poe's Corollary."
by Sleeker July 22, 2008