It's a Gaelic name, It means "son of a chief, leader, or thane." It's a really cool name! Mackintosh might seem a tough on the outside but they really nice person when you get to know them! Mackintosh can also be pretty shy. You can always count on them and they are super loyal. If meet a Mackintosh, don't be afraid to say hi! They like making new friends.
"Your name is Mackintosh? That's so cool!"
"Mackintosh is so nice! I wish I were their friend."
by totally not mac November 26, 2020
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Related to Lloyd Webber's Law Of Temporal Positioning. The law states taht people who arrive at a theatre after their performance has started will always have seats in the middle of a row, causing as much annoyance for the other theatregoers as possible.
The Lyttleton Theatre at the NT (London) seems to know which theatregoers will be late, and invoke Mackintosh's Corollary on purpose.
by Sairin January 6, 2005
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Basically the greatest math teacher in the history of mankind. Could, and would, teach the entire continent of Asia blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back and still have time to spare. Possibly taught Asians math.
by Mr. Mackintosh May 29, 2018
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the smell of a room when you just don't know what the smell is
Person: *Walks into a room*, OMG this smells like something I just don't know what it is, OMG OMG I can't get it but I've smelt it before
Lydia: Oh it smells like mackintosh
by Mackintosh Queen's March 11, 2021
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