used as either, "oh shit nvm" or "hold up what the fuck"
"i think i'm gay. wait no"
brother: "i want to fuck you raw while your stepdad watches"
sister: "ok. wait no"
by catherinebitch February 12, 2018
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Use it before a sentence to exclaim surprise and redirection of a train of thought. Do this no more than once a week and it can add useful emphasis to your communication efforts.

Or, use it before every other sentence as the new like. This way it does nothing at all, but will drive old people nuts and make you sound like a reality show super star.
Dad: Let's have pancakes for dinner.

Kid: Wait. Did you say we are having pancakes for dinner?

Dad: Wait for what? Yes, a whole breakfast for dinner!

Kid: Wait. Can I invite Carly over for pancakes?

Dad: What are we waiting for? No, Carly is irritating.

Kid: Wait. Can we have hash browns too?

Dad: Why are we still waiting? Yes, hash browns are delicious.

Kid: Wait. Carly loves hash browns!
by MRacer August 16, 2014
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The way to issue an objection on Youtube Court TV. A term created by Logic the Judge of Youtube Court TV.
Wait Wait Wait this getting outta control.
by LoGic FCMS February 3, 2019
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1. A hilarious movie featuring Ryan Reynolds, Dane Cook, Justin Long, Anna Faris, Luis Guzman, Andy Milonakis, and many more funny actors. Its about the restaurant life and the people who work in them.
"Aw man, I saw "Waiting" the other night and it was f'n hilarious, especially if you've worked in a restaurant."
by Steve Saylor October 26, 2005
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A sentence-enhancing phrase, used to illustrate the epicness of an object/situation/event. Recently popularised and revived by How I Met Your Mother character Barney.
Example#1: Dude, I bought some dank quality porn - wait for it- ography. Behold the ass-kickery.

Example #2: This is going to be legen - wait for it - dary.
by Dude of Life June 11, 2008
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refers to the amount of time between phoning youre food delivery and the time it acctually appears on youre plate, not very nice if you are starving
"Ave no had the wait in a while, fuckin starvin here" - spoken by a person who had been unemployed for 6 months then recieved a student loan
by Craig Fox September 29, 2006
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a phrase taken from the precog in the hit film "Minority Report"; the "now" was added to have some form of finality, which Spielberg forgot to add. When playing Mario Kart 64, or Foosball, it might be necessary to say this phrase in order to time your shot correctly.
(During an intense game of Mario Kart 64 or foosball) Wait, wait, wait, NOW!
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
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