nebraska's collegiate football team residing in Lincoln. Changed their name from the bugeaters. This team was very dominant in the 90s, winning 3 national championships in 4 years, and playing in the title game 2 more times and losing under coach Tom Osbourne. A very storied college football team that is currently in a slump.
I like the old Herby Husker better.
by marcus February 01, 2005
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To rapidly have vaginal sex with a girl to the point at which the skin on your penis starts to fall away
by LAZYxSHIZNO June 14, 2010
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After eating out a girls ass so deep you pull the corn out you then spit it in her face.
My girlfriend had to go to the optimologist after I cornhusked her.
by Deakster January 23, 2009
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Whilst in Nebraska, This act requires a man to take a woman (or another man) out for a succulent robust steak dinner which includes corn as a side, finding a cornfield to pull into afterwards, Initiating anal coitus and pull out slowly in hopes to have every piece of undigested maize stuck on the man's juicy hog leg like a brown ear of corn. The man then forces the woman (or other man) Down on their knees, open their cockholster and proceed to take it all the way to the base, Then create a vacuum with lips and proceed to slowly pull back and "Husk" the "Corn" off the shaft as well as any fecal matter. Make them spit it out on ground and eat again to combine into a "Panamanian Petting Zoo"
"Looks like she's having Corn with her steak dinner, I bet she's getting "The Cornhusker" tonight Martha!" After spitting corn out can be combined with a Panamanian Petting Zoo
by Rex Wholes January 04, 2017
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After gorging on corn for about three days, a person will take a horrifying dump into a strainer. A "cornhusker" will take this strainer full of corn-blow and run steaming hot water over it, thus washing all the steaming doodoo away. All that's left is husks of corn, and the cornhusker will eat them.
After learning that Teresa was a professional cornhusker, she appeared even more digusting than usual.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
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a word that is semi related to the word slutbag
Jeremy and Golda are such cornhusks!
by 12 yo April 14, 2011
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