a word that is semi related to the word slutbag
Jeremy and Golda are such cornhusks!
by 12 yo April 14, 2011
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a corn husk, was invented by my uncle craig a couple years ago, and is u punch/kick/knee some one right in the corn hole. a corn husk can be when they have bent ove, or even when standing. basicly when ever someone bends over. u musk say cornhusk when u give some one a cornhusk.
*person bends over* "CORNHUSK!"
by keiran535 January 02, 2006
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nebraska's collegiate football team residing in Lincoln. Changed their name from the bugeaters. This team was very dominant in the 90s, winning 3 national championships in 4 years, and playing in the title game 2 more times and losing under coach Tom Osbourne. A very storied college football team that is currently in a slump.
I like the old Herby Husker better.
by marcus February 01, 2005
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To rapidly have vaginal sex with a girl to the point at which the skin on your penis starts to fall away
by LAZYxSHIZNO June 14, 2010
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After eating out a girls ass so deep you pull the corn out you then spit it in her face.
My girlfriend had to go to the optimologist after I cornhusked her.
by Deakster January 23, 2009
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