When a female holds her breath at the heightening of an orgasm to add intense feelings and sensations.
Last night, in my shower, I gave myself an incredible Herby.
by ---- June 2, 2003
A really handsome man very good in bed, so sexy and smart.
I Wish I was Herby
by Hey dawgss April 20, 2019
A the feeling of desire for marijuana.

Like hunger is for food, herby is for weed
I'm feeling pretty herby right now, I'm gonna have to pack a bowl.
by tree_ent October 10, 2011
Me: waddup herby
Veggie boy: what?
Me: shut the fuck up herby
by Ollieswag July 21, 2014
my dads poop. he always called it dropping herby off at the playground. Yes i had a strange childhood.
by willis November 11, 2003
A Herby is a person who has an interest in and who is enthusiastic about herbs. Herbs can be used in many ways, most commonly herbs are used in food, as tea, in herbal products and/or made into herbal medicine.
I consider myself an Herby because I have a passion for herbs.
by Herbn December 27, 2018
An unfortunate episode of flatulence during the reception of a "rim-job."
"Holy mother of God, my face still smells from the herbie my boyfriend gave me last night."
by Grandmaster Jurve December 26, 2005