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A very caring person who tends to put on a tough persona due to so much hurt. A teresa is someone who will love you until the end of time no matter what you've done to her. Teresa's can be very dramatic , intelligent , outgoing , risky , funny , and bitchy(at times) but are worth having around.
Guy : " I think I love Teresa "

Friend : " she is a great person "
by wishfulmop March 27, 2015
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A beautiful girl who is selfless. She puts her friends frist. She is feisty, yet nice. Comedian, yet takes stuff seriously when it's necessary. She'll make you laugh on your worst days. She will do anything her friends' ask her to. She is feisty when someone bullies one of her best friends! She is nice to people deserves it. She's always ready to fight someone who's picking on her family or friends. Don't lose a friend named Teresa, never let her go. You WILL regret it the next day.
Person #1: Hey, who's that?
Person #2That's Teresa, she's my best friend.

Person #1:Ohh well then, don't make her get away.

Person #2:I know not to.
by Unknowncrusher1234 May 20, 2017
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Teresa: Precious, harvest, virtuous, wise, more valuable than jewels or gold, Love and admired.
by @%=รทยฃโ‚ฌ)($@ January 06, 2017
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A sweet, shy, often stunning yet insecure young woman. She can be very insensitive sometimes and offends numerous people but if she is told about it then she will always apologise sincerely. Incredibly smoking hot, she would be your typical heartbreaker except she is too nice to break anyone's heart. She has always left all her ex-boyfriends on the best of terms. If you get a Teresa, you better fucking hang onto her because she will get swept up by someone else as soon as you take your hand off her.
1: Hey, did you see that friend of Nadia's?
2: No who is sh- HOLY SHIT!
1: I know right! She's a Teresa, I wouldn't expect anything less.
2: Is she with anyone?
1: No I don't think so- oh wait now she is.
2: Damn.

1: Hey I'm having a Scrubs marathon with a friend tomorrow, you want in?
2: I hate Scrubs.
1: Okay.
2: Which friend?
1: Teresa.

Guy: Dayyyum that girl is bangin
Girl: Oh I know! She thinks she's ugly!
Guy: WHAT! Ugh, such a Teresa.
by whatagirlllll March 23, 2013
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A bodacious beauty with full lips, luscious locks and dark mysterious eyes.
Most Teresas are sensitive, caring listeners, but they also have their mischievous, fun-loving sides.
A great girl that any one would be lucky to have as a friend or special someone.
"So what's your new girlfriend's name, bro?"
"Her name's Teresa"
"Damn, she must be a looker."
"Hands off, she's mine!"
by Lizzel September 01, 2008
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An amazing girl, that will keep surprising you till the end. Smart, funny, caring, tuff, lovable, sexy, DOPE!
Teresa's kick ass and are hard to find. One should hold on to a Teresa when they find one. Who could ask for more!? ;
-"who you dating now?"
-"this amazing girl named Teresa"
-"Shhhiiitttt i want a Teresa"
by terribbllee December 27, 2008
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A tall, elegant, slender, beyond beautiful siren! The type of Lady you want on your arm. The kind of Lady that will tell you everything as it is. The special Lady that everyone needs in their life. Teresa is a funny, smart and hard working girl that anyone would be lucky to have as a friend. She is there for all of her close friends and partner. Teresa will also be quick to get her point across, no matter the situation. Teresa can be quite laid back and calm until you ruffle her feathers. Other than that, teresa is the one girl you want to keep a hold on! Do not let her go! And do not cross anybody that already has a Teresa as it would always be the last thing you do! :)
Teresa is a hot chick!
Teresa has it all!
by Don't use your real name :) February 04, 2010
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