A beautiful girl who is selfless. She puts her friends frist. She is feisty, yet nice. Comedian, yet takes stuff seriously when it's necessary. She'll make you laugh on your worst days. She will do anything her friends' ask her to. She is feisty when someone bullies one of her best friends! She is nice to people deserves it. She's always ready to fight someone who's picking on her family or friends. Don't lose a friend named Teresa, never let her go. You WILL regret it the next day.
Person #1: Hey, who's that?
Person #2That's Teresa, she's my best friend.

Person #1:Ohh well then, don't make her get away.

Person #2:I know not to.
by Unknowncrusher1234 May 21, 2017
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A Teresa is a girl who is selfless. She can be a bitch but she is nice in general. She jokes too much, but she can be quiet at times. A Teresa is goofy and makes people laugh but only her closest friends know the real her. She can be having a good day and next thing you know she’s having a bad day. She loves her friends and family. And she drops her friends right if they turn fake. She don’t give a fuck about what bitches say about her. And she’ll only fight if it’s necessary. Don't lose a friend named Teresa, never let her go. You WILL regret it. Trust me!!.
I wish I could be like Teresa. She is so bad!”
by Qué onda! July 20, 2018
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She is a great friend, a wonderful sister, funny, gorgeous, outgoing. Never too serious, the life of the party. There is no party without her. You’ll love her the moment you meet her.
Call Teresa and let’s get this party started.
by Kimone J July 20, 2018
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Teresa can be a bit of a bitch sometimes but that is only because she is either defending herself or her best friends. It will be hard to get to know her well unless you are the one that starts up a conversation. When she is not being bitchy she will either be telling jokes, being weird, or quiet. They only become quiet once you have annoyed them or they are stressed.Teresa is very sensitive and emotional, but is always demonstrating a tough exterior to not let other down or make herself the center of attention. They can be over the top and dramatic when emotionally hurt or told to do so. They are very dependent on others for help. If you get yourself a Teresa as a friend or lover make sure you keep her for as long as possible, be honest because if you're fake you will be left behind and never forget to support her throughout your journey together.
Teresa is very genuine
by neverfakkiee05 June 13, 2019
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If you ever meet a girl named Teresa, marry her immediately. She will be the love of your life. Teresa is perfect.
by LocalBedwarsCarry June 29, 2021
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A sweet, shy, often stunning yet insecure young woman. She can be very insensitive sometimes and offends numerous people but if she is told about it then she will always apologise sincerely. Incredibly smoking hot, she would be your typical heartbreaker except she is too nice to break anyone's heart. She has always left all her ex-boyfriends on the best of terms. If you get a Teresa, you better fucking hang onto her because she will get swept up by someone else as soon as you take your hand off her.
1: Hey, did you see that friend of Nadia's?
2: No who is sh- HOLY SHIT!
1: I know right! She's a Teresa, I wouldn't expect anything less.
2: Is she with anyone?
1: No I don't think so- oh wait now she is.
2: Damn.

1: Hey I'm having a Scrubs marathon with a friend tomorrow, you want in?
2: I hate Scrubs.
1: Okay.
2: Which friend?
1: Teresa.

Guy: Dayyyum that girl is bangin
Girl: Oh I know! She thinks she's ugly!
Guy: WHAT! Ugh, such a Teresa.
by whatagirlllll March 24, 2013
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Teresa: Precious, harvest, virtuous, wise, more valuable than jewels or gold, Love and admired.
by @%=÷£€)($@ December 23, 2016
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