The callsign of Admiral William “Bill” Adama from the Ronald D. Moore Battlestar Galactica reboot.
“Husker, Banzai defensive. Gods damn it, where are you?

I’ve got him, Banzai. Break left on my mark.
Now! Break Break Break!”
by Battlestar Valkyrie May 29, 2020
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One who hails from Nebraska, and follows the mighty Nebraska football team.

"I'm a Husker fan forever!"
by HH October 23, 2003
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Probably the most sore team in any sport, they have the biggest mouths when they win and have the most excuses when they lose. They also cry when they lose. Not as good as they use to be but fans still bring up the past like it matters.
The huskers are horrible this year!

Haha the huskers lost again!

Hey do you wanna go to Amanda's house to watch the husker game? Yeah but only to watch them lose
by Wristopher June 16, 2017
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n. A girl, typically 20 or more pounds over weight, that you are ashamed to tell your friends you nailed. 80% of girls in Nebraska are huskers.
Guy 1: What's the deal with Kim? I didn't realize she was a husker.
Guy 2: Why, did you nail her?
Guy 1: No!!!
by Joel TK May 27, 2005
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a neither flaccid nor erect penis. also referred to as a semi, semi-hard on or chub.
dude 1: man that stripper is the sex!
dude 2: yeah, i totally have a husker right now. wanna see?
dude 1: oh stop it before you give me one.
by killer king December 5, 2005
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Corn shucking dirt farm. That is married to his first cousin. With no front teeth. Always loud,obnoxious and annoying in bars on game day. They on have nothing else to live for other than screwing the their first cousin or sheep and cattle.
Dude that man is an ass. No he is a husker fan!
by Bustamellon March 24, 2005
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