A really pretty, smart, and talented girl. She is usually tall and slim. She is one of the most nice and gorgeous girl you will ever meet! When you find a Golda, do not let go of her, because other than her stunning looks, and great personality, Goldas are usually great kissers! And trust me, a Golda will be a great Lover and Friend!
by newyorklife January 24, 2013
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nickname for my guuuurlfriendd.
i luv yunaisy morales aka mi g0Lda!

by g0Ldo June 3, 2004
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A school of Bullshit. A school filled with niggas who swear the hard, grinding, bout that life, and think they somebody. A school full of ugly bitches, with fucked up weaves, and willing to fuck.
Me: I go to golda Meir

Them: Aww you's a bitch
Me: Oop, I meant riverside
by Tiggerrrr March 16, 2017
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1. Jewish disguise for obtaining alcohol

2. Woman of the Jewish faith who wears large glasses, gaudy jewelry, tacky sweaters, and frequently uses her Shoprite Price Plus card.
I am under 21 and will get Golda Winestein to purchase alcohol.
by Golda Winestein February 25, 2008
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