A subtitle touching of sexual organs of a person of the opposite sex usually with the intention of them not knowing.
Dude, did you see the rack on heather?

Yeah man, I leaned in and my elbow totally grazed her boobage.

Dude, you totally were copping a feel.
by godzilladefinesyou April 04, 2009
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To feel on a woman's breasts or buttox; usually when she is not expecting it. Often followed up by a slap in the face.
"Susan was looking so great that I got behind her in line and copped a feel, she immediately turned around and slapped me."
by Kristen December 03, 2003
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To touch an intimate part of an individual, where the touching was done against that individual’s will and the touching was done for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse.
To “cop a feel” is to commit conduct which satisfies the elements of misdemeanor sexual battery under CA PC 243.4(e)(1).
by §§§§ November 18, 2016
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(v.) To touch an individual in an intimate manner, usually with sexual intent. Such an act is usually done without the persons consent and is also frequently met with hostility and/or violence.
This chick at the club was so crunk she was letting everyone cop a feel.

I think that someone copped a feel of my tits on that subway.
by JediAndi September 03, 2005
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Unpredictable grabbing or touching of someone's private areas while acting innocent of action taken.
Mostly used for shock value or foreplay.
A woman who is not your friend will usually find this very offensive and not humorous, however most men would
enjoy receiving this action.
While we were watching people dancing my friend said
" Don't dance close to that ass, he will try to cop a feel."
by teaser January 02, 2006
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To caress a woman without her consent and then immediate get the beat down.
I copped a feel of Jessica. I've never hurt so much in my life...
by Timothy Dancey August 07, 2004
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