While it's generally called "unwanted sexual contact," child sexual abuse is an adult using a child to meet his or her sexual needs.Some children are manipulated or coerced into thinking that the sex was wanted. It's still sexual abuse, because kids aren't mentally able to give consent.

Some survivors will blame themselves and say, "But I went along with it. I didn't fight back. I can't accept that I was being sexually abused." No, honey. It's still sexual abuse.
"I was a childhood survivor of sexual abuse. I didn't know much about sex and I didn't understand what was going on."
by TheRunaways March 21, 2010
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unwanted sexual touching and one of the injustices of life. a traumatic experience that scars.
cruel world why is there a thing like sexual abuse? now she's depressed, has an eating disorder, suicidal and her life's a fucking mess.
by the grudge May 9, 2007
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Sexual abuse is a term used when somebody has had unwanted sexual intercourse e.g.
Jamie was sexualy abused!
by Ant April 21, 2004
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Any sort of unwanted sexual advances or suggestions. These can be physical advances or attacks, verbal suggestions or insults, or exposure to distressing or unwanted sexual imagery.
Sexual abuse constitutes basically half of the slang terms on this website which advocate disgusting sexual acts that would offend anyone and also frequently and systematically advocate the abuse of and physical violence against women.

No offense to the administrators who are not responsible for these words
by tallulah 10 March 2, 2009
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Being the victim of any type of sex crime, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual manipulation, or child sexual abuse (not intended to be a full list). Most often imposed severe mental pain or trauma to the victim. an unspeakable crime.
"Lauren was sexually abused as a child"
by whoisemma May 1, 2015
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Trying to fix a generational problem of human sexuality that is still a current problem in the hopes it will work itself out in the future.
I am an advocate for childhood sexual abuse awareness, despite the problem causing is actually a Govt System that fails to adequately address pedophilia and sex offending.
by Awkward Life Subjects defined October 30, 2021
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When a man or woman verbally informs a person or a group of people that he or she would not enjoy nor want to have non-consensual sexual intercourse with anyone.
I was at a party with mostly guys. This hot bitch came in wearing a strappy top with no bra and such a shirt skirt you could see her ass. When all the guys tried to get with her, she pulled an Unwanted Sexual Abuse Statement. She's a big tease and no one appreciates it.
by The Jax October 20, 2008
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