56 definitions by Jenna

Someone who is being an asshole, extremely rude, pissing you off. An all-around word to describe anger towards another person.
My dad was being such a dykeface this morning, he wouldn't let me hang out after school.
by Jenna June 19, 2006
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Someone with an abnormal amount of cellulite due to excessive eating.
Kevin Winbush bought 50 Rally burgers, and then he ate them all, the stupid fait pie.
by Jenna February 04, 2005
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the rationlization for when bad things happen to you (ie: being dumped, etc.)
jenna: he dumped me and i want him back
lori: if youre meant to be youll be together, just not now. if its fate then youll be together if not its not meant to be.
jenna: oh ok since fate exists everything is ok now.
by Jenna December 30, 2004
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