55 definitions by Jenna

cone shaped doob. Usually used with talking about one mixed with tobacco but also just a fat joint. :)
That is a fat ass splif
by Jenna April 29, 2004
the thing growing out of ur lower back...often round and SEXXAY
by Jenna July 29, 2003
The ultimate test of love that drives a heart wild by lovingly surpassing all the wrong one has made and making it right.
I love you so much that my heart holds nothing for you but forgiveness.
by Jenna February 7, 2005
well, a bah face is something you just dislike
friend - i cant go to the show this saturday
you - BAH FACE!
by Jenna December 3, 2004
a person who hates clothes (almost to the point that they are afraid of them) and would excell as a professional stripper, however, denys the fact repeatedly.
by Jenna May 6, 2003