To imitate, copy, or idolize someone or something.
To receive something by means of stealing.
"He just coped your swagga bra"


"Check out this new kicks I just coped."
by Gerrrry444 October 13, 2007
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the act of copeing to your self by sucking thumb.
you can cope upon many things.
today katie coped on stephan's hoodie
by emothicraver September 18, 2007
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"Cope" is usually used among people on the internet, as a replacement to phrases like "deal with it", "cry about it" and others. Saying "cope" to someone basically means that you said your opinion and you won't change it no matter how the other person feels about it
"I dont respect people with long hair"
"Hey! That's not ok"
by McKisaQT January 7, 2022
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A cope or coping mechanism, is a psychological strategy whereby someone rejects a harsh truth, and adopts a less disturbing belief instead. It is a term often used my looksmaxing incels to indicate that a given strategy is invalid or ineffective.
Unlovable: Yo, I got a 1.5mm dermaroller. How often can I use it?
SkinMaxer: 1.0+ mm dermarolling is a cope. 0.7mm max. Also, don't dermaroll, dermastamp instead. Dermarolling is a cope.
by omikes August 9, 2019
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the act of dealing with a certain causality that happened recently to one person. The process of trying to get over someone or something. Dealing with what had happened.
Joe: Yo any news from Dan lately?
Luke: No, i hate to see him cope over that girl he had that dumped him yesterday
by Danny320 August 6, 2008
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A word to be used when you disagree with someone but don't want to think of an actual argument, typically used in internet comment sections.
Person 1 : I like X and don't think it should be banned
Person 2 : cope, loser.
by Pelicanboye August 13, 2021
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In original definition, 'Cope' means someone who is creating an psychological defence of a more lighter belief to deal with a harsh truth.

However, it could easily be used and misinterpretated by online trolls, usualy from Discord or 4Chan, in an attempt to convey mockery, trolling, defaminate and insulting, usualy those people have pathetic lives so they spend it tossing this word and insult/mock others to feed their superiority complex in online chats and/or forums.
> Discord chat
Person 1: Man, sometimes being shorter than average sucks.

Discord troll: Cope

person 1: How is this a 'Cope'?

Discord troll: Haha, cope manlet.

person 1: This is rude, mind your language.

Discord troll: Cope harder manlet.
by Charus Channeling February 22, 2021
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