Misinterpretated (verb)

To pretend to know the meaning of a word and incorrectly use, explain or define it to others.
After Jimmy explained that his boss presented the material in a languid manner, Sally, having no clue but wanting to sound educated, nodded and misinterpretated to her friends that she didn't like bosses who used too many words either.
by ggirlcolo March 18, 2013
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When somebody has a lack of understanding for something and misconstrues it into something else that changes the intended meaning.
Person 1 talking to Person 2 about an incident last night.
Person 1: "you tried to manipulate me!"
Person 2: "no, I was trying to help you! You misinterpretive whore!"
by Marks Bwalls June 11, 2016
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1. to read something wrong
2. the take something out of context.
3. to fail at reading a private message.
Him misinterpretating his friends message was hilarious.
by kinkyk1019 July 3, 2009
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When someone looks at a guy in a swimsuit, or in tight boxers, and misinterprets the size of the penis in it. Usually, bulge misinterpretation (or BMI) is only used when the estimate was in the favour of the estimand, i.e. several sizes too large.
"I met him in the swimming pool, and I really thought he was packing, but turns out I made quite the bulge misinterpretation! I was thinking salami, but it was more like frankenweenie."

"That's such a bummer! He looks sweet though..."
by De laatste cynicus June 14, 2016
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adv. When in conversation with someone whose family originates from a foreign-language speaking culture (That includes English for all you Europeans, Central Americans, Asians, and Africans out there!), you can use this to not listen to the person due to lack of interest, understanding of their nature, or just general hatred.
EX 1
Jose: So, last night
Tom: WAIT! I should tell you before you begin, I'm a user of implied misinterpretation.
Jose: ....What?
Tom: Means I don't speak Mexican.
Jose: ...Hateful Ass-hat.

EX 2
Sarah: Do you understand what the professor is saying?
Tom: No clue. I don't speak Asian.
Sarah: He's talking in English.
Tom: Yea. I know.
Sarah: ???
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 17, 2008
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The answer to any criticism for one's romantic choice.
Q: Why haven't you broken up with her like you said you would?
A: Oh, I misinterpreted signals.

Q: Why did you stalk her?
A: Oh, I misinterpreted signals.

Q: Why did you say that on your date?
A: Oh, I misinterpreted signals.

Q: Why did you not advance on her romantically?
A: Oh, I misinterpreted signals.

Q: Why didn't you have sex with her?
A: Oh, I misinterpreted signals.
by Ereck Flowers February 26, 2014
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