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Snob is the word definition of describing someone who thinks they are superior compared to others outside of their circle in certain specific (or non-specific) areas, such as morality, intellectual, etc.

Usualy, this kind of behaviour is condemed, because this is nothing used but to portray themselves as more mighty than others, basicaly to stroke your ego to make sure everyone agrees that you are supposedly the superior one.

Snobs are especialy common in pop culture media or amongst simps, where they will talk down towards anyone who dares to criticise or talk bad about their favourite celebrity whom they simp over all day.

The worst part perhaps is that this kind of lifestyle and behaviour is being normalised in the modern society by the radical social feminists and the alike of SJW's, men think this is okay and women think this is how men should be treated, completely throwing out of whack what a normal and healthy dating should be between man and woman.
Person 1: Boy I dont understand why modern men do like so much playing as the slave for women to make themselves feel worthy the attention of their favorite internet woman celebrity, the worst part is that they will lash out if you say anything againts this kind of thing.

Person 2: I know right, what a bunch of fucking snobs, they will call you an incel or sexist misogynistic pig if you dare to say anything about their celebrity or their pathetic lifestyle, honestly they deserve to be tormented for their pathetic social moral clout as this is what they choose for themselves.
by Charus Channeling March 7, 2021
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In original definition, 'Cope' means someone who is creating an psychological defence of a more lighter belief to deal with a harsh truth.

However, it could easily be used and misinterpretated by online trolls, usualy from Discord or 4Chan, in an attempt to convey mockery, trolling, defaminate and insulting, usualy those people have pathetic lives so they spend it tossing this word and insult/mock others to feed their superiority complex in online chats and/or forums.
> Discord chat
Person 1: Man, sometimes being shorter than average sucks.

Discord troll: Cope

person 1: How is this a 'Cope'?

Discord troll: Haha, cope manlet.

person 1: This is rude, mind your language.

Discord troll: Cope harder manlet.
by Charus Channeling February 22, 2021
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Self Entitlement is described to be someone who think they deserve everything without earning it.

Unfortunately here, the word used by toxic parents in Urban Dictionary because they unable to control and manipulate their children as an extension of themselves, they think they are Self-Entitled that their 13 appearently child has to do all their home chores for them, appearently. Otherwise they dont deserve a single parental love.
The angry parent has a Self Entitlement, because he is thinking that the child has to do all the home chores for him, like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and arranging their clothes, whilist not respecting the fact that It's their job to do so and because the Child has his own busines to do like School homework and the fact that the child actualy wants to rest from school and enjoy his free, leisure time.
by Charus Channeling March 7, 2020
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