Noun (physics terminology): the natural sequential relation between any cause and its subsequent effect in the known universe, in which any effect is invariably preceded by the cause of that effect, and never the reverse.
"Newton's Third Law of Motion is essentially a confirmation of the principle of causality."
by speedog April 30, 2010
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A legend in Counter-Strike: Source, known for beating the odds while in a 12 on 12 tournament. He was the last one left against 11 enemies, and he ended up finishing them all off by himself with a Glock Pistol.
Causality is a god in Counter-Strike: Source, and if you see him, RUN!
by Causality November 12, 2006
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to make causal
The system is currently non causal causalize it to make it causal.
by john henker October 24, 2010
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Due to the property of exponential universal expansion, all non-local baryonic matter will eventually be displaced beyond the cosmic horizon and forever out of our reach.
Shit, ANOTHER Galaxy just disappeared over the cosmic horizon... forever Causally Disconnected from us. Even travelling at the speed of light, we could never catch it...never.
by YAWA July 25, 2019
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Casual sex becomes causal sex when when you reverse the s and u, or omit the c-o-n-d-o-m.
by Pbaddy August 18, 2009
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Casual of Filth. A man who is too casual.
Jimmy: Look at that entire side of the room. Filled with only park casuals.

Tom: what’s a park casual.

Jimmy: you do not need to know park causal.
by ahuman2200 October 30, 2021
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Sex with NO strings attached. (: You know the good kind of sex...
"so, i called sally over man, Im gunna get some puss."
"oh, you to are dating?"
"Hell no nigga. we are just fucking..."
"isnt that...slutty?"
"HA! no. Its just causal sex."
"Dude, I need a 'causal friend' like that"
"I know, its the greatest, we fuck, she leaves, and i dont have to deal with.. 'HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ANOTHER WOMAN!'"
by Leximuthafuckin'lexingtonBITCH November 5, 2007
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