1. Propaganda released by police or sheriff's departments which present a rosey view of what police work entails.
2. Images of police officers rescuing kittens from trees and fixing children's bicycles.
3. Articles written about "hero" cops who save lives but ignore all of the tazer deaths and corruption in the unit.
4. The group think or gang mentality that is displayed by some members of the police force which asserts that police can do no wrong and are therefore above the laws they are supposed to enforce.
Did you see that copaganda film that showed officers recieving awards for helping elderly people to cross the street?

Yes I did - too bad they didn't get an award for tazering my unarmed brother to death.
by TWP (typical white person) October 15, 2009
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The police strategy of holding news conferences on minor charges to make it appear as though they are making progress in the War on Crime / War on Drugs / War on Guns / War on Gangs.
The police holding a news conference charging the don with possessing a joint is pure copaganda.
by Rumpole March 11, 2009
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The stories that cops tell to explain away the wrong things they do.
Copaganda usually goes like this: the suspect was acting weird so I threw her to the ground and jumped on her then she tried to grab my gun so I shot her.
by darkox July 20, 2020
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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
That show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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A term that stupid and willfully ignorant people on social media invented to make good cops look bad even when they didn't actually do anything bad.

"Copaganda" is a portmanteau of "cop" and "propaganda". May also be used to refer to very short videos of cops arresting people or using force without any additional context.
Cop: Ends up in the news because he saved 2 unconscious people from a fire

Moron: "Look at this fucking copaganda. I mean, are you serious? No cop has ever done anything good in the history of cops. Every single cop executes every black man they see, which is why black people are now extinct. ACAB FUCK 12"

Don't be that moron.
by absolute qualification January 30, 2021
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Posts and news stories about “good cops” doing good things in order to portray them in a positive light; an attempt to cover up the fact that all cops uphold a corrupt system
“did you see that post about a police officer making a speech about how bad racism is?”

“yeah that’s just copaganda. Little does he know that his job as a police officer upholds racism anyways”
by detonate yourself June 12, 2020
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When a typical cop (brutish, angry, steroid injected, arrogant, wife-beating racist) is assigned to a BLM protest, and after super awesome and loving protesters invite him to kneel on one knee with them he does it too, just to make them think that he actually has human emotions, and so they’ll think that some cops are good or that they can change. “Copaganda” is the combination of “cop” and “propaganda.”

Of course they only do it when a tv camera is filming them, so they can make news anchors, politicians, and suburban white people falsely believe that there are only “a few bad apples” or that cops can be “reformed.” Oftentimes, after they do it and see themselves on tv, they highly regret it and get so angry at themselves that they want to kick their own ass.
Summer: “Oh look how sweet! Those 2 cops are kneeling! I think some of them are starting to understand!” ‘sigh’

Aisha: “Don’t fall for that crap! Everybody knows exactly what that is — a big flaming pile of COPAGANDA!
by Lacey Lederhosen February 22, 2023
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