The Don is the best of something, e.g. the don is the head of an organisation. but in this case the don is the best looking girl or the best sandwich or the best ipod. Basically the best of any everday thing
Kevin: Did you see that girl in sociology today?
Dodd: Yeh mate, she is The Don!
Kevin: She is fit, but she aint The Don.
by Keville Ash November 19, 2009
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many meanings.
that boy cjf aka snowcone.
a leader of the mafia.
a person that goes solo.
a true player pimp.
a person to always rely on.
by The Don aka SnowCone May 26, 2009
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Wicked hot spot for kids in Wellington, Florida to hang out.
Girl: Hey man, you going to The Dons tonight to get wasted?
Guy:Yeah bro im going to be wicking so hard.
by Jah Rasta March 11, 2006
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In England the 'Don' can refer to an event, a person, a thing, a place.. anything.

If a person is the 'Don' then they are very good at something or are in charge. If something is the 'Don' then it is great, brilliant.

When saying this it is recognized in the individual that it comes from the mafia.

If someone has something donned then they have it owned.
"Your the don"
and even phrases like "You had that donned"
Donned is also becoming a more frequently used word derived from 'the don'.

You can also say "The Don Delouise" (Excuse the spelling) which is an exclamation of how great someone or something is. Comes from the famous Mafia Don.

"I am the Don Delouise (at this)" means: I am brilliant (at this).
by Jowy the almighty roar October 26, 2009
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1. Mr.; Sir: a Spanish title prefixed to a man's given name (initial capital letter).
2. a lord or gentleman (in Spanish-speaking countries).
3. an Italian title of address, esp. for a priest (initial capital letter).
4. a person of great importance.
5. a head of a family or syndicate (in the Mafia).
6. The true baller of the crew; a generous man characterized by nobility and forbearance in thought or behavior; magnanimous, who does it big and is givin respect when he treats his boys.
- How much did it cost?

- the don took care of it, I owe him.
by anonymous17 April 04, 2007
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