A beautiful and intelligent girl with an innocent heart. She is quite and shy at first but crazy once she’s comfortable with you. Always laughing and will always cheer you up. A pure and loving soul with an amazing smile :)
Never lose an Aisha from your life!
by *$#% March 10, 2019
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Gabriel bae... Aisha is fine as hell and she always looks out for you. She is always there for you when you need it, and she is very loving and caring girl. Aisha is very easy to catch feelings for. Just looking at her makes you smile.
I love Aisha
by Ketch’s April 18, 2019
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Aisha is a beautiful, funny, honest and trustworthy person. You would be lucky to have her as a friend as she may not have many. She is a supportive individual and always gives you a shoulder to cry on. She knows her limits and always stays out the way of trouble.
Aisha is a mother figure, shoulder to cry on, and loving soul.
by catlover123345 July 15, 2019
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A smart, sarcastic girl, who can be very funny at times.
Person 1: Aisha is so cool!
by StarYee December 28, 2018
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Aisha is the most beautiful girl, she’s funny and caring, lovable girl with brown eyes and brown hair, also the best girlfriend ever, she would care for you no matter what she would be a great mother and women.
Hey is that Aisha she’s so cool I want one
by Cutepinkkitty December 25, 2018
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Aisha is a very funny and crazy girl who can get very high at times😂 she is very crazy but everyone loves Aisha because they know that she makes everyone laugh, what would people do without Aisha?! Very crazy high beautiful girl
Person1: I wish I had someone to keep me happy and cheerful

Person2: you need Aisha she is a very crazy and funny girl
by PeoplePersonalityy💋 December 26, 2017
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She is a person that doesn't trash people or others even if they do it to her in social media. She is kind and generous with her information. She Loves to learn, always watches her back, especially her family's. She expects to be around others like her or don't bother. She doesn't like frienemies. Cause they aren't trustworthy. If you ever be friends with her she won't let you down, unless she doesn't trust you, then She will look right through you.
#1 There's Aisha, let's call her over 2 see what she has 2 day ! #2 don't bother she already forgot my name.
by Sasha#forgetaboutit July 16, 2018
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