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a derogatory word that was used in the early 1800s for chinese laborers
Denis Kearney called the Chinese coolies
by Someone December 01, 2004
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Literally, a blatant, presumably intentional misspelling of the improperly plural adverb form of cool, coolly.

1. Like being cool, only more so.

2. Used as adj.; cool, only more so.

3. n. An oriental ethnic group; reknown in the western U.S. for working in near-slavery conditions to do the hard part of building the first trans-continental railroad.

4. n. An offensive racial, (see race), slur against oriental people.
1. No known example of usage.

2-3. After the coolies finished the project, it must have been real coolies to have a trans-continental railroad.

4. I doubt they ever let the coolies ride on it.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
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so were were doing some coolies yesterday, and you know...i blew a midget through a glory hole in the basement
by Zach Block June 08, 2005
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