N - word used to describe the inner city practice of several vehicles all running in convoy, with passengers
naked and engaging in sex acts, flaunting the law and
shocking other drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians.
The goals of running convoy are not to get caught by the law, to run as long as possible, and to be as visible as
possible, just skirting the edges of decency. May also be
used as a verb. (large SUVs with three seats are perfect
for convoy running, but lowriders or big sedans will suffice.)
" We had five in our convoy yesterday afternoon."

"Let's put a convoy together tomorrow and run through
the downtown."

"Hey...look at that fine one there...let's invite her to
convoy with us ! "
by weasler March 18, 2006
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Noun - (Non Sexual.)
What Scoots originally thought was a shorter word for "Conversation." It originates from Diablo 2 during a long EXP-Adventure run in the Act 2 Deserts, after I was IMed by a winmen and couldn't assist in fighting for an unknown period of time (because winmen like to talk for hours upon hours and telling them you were in the middle of a game with Scoots results in a devastating blow from the Relationship Banhammer.)
Scoots: LAWLright LoRes, we made it to the Horadric temple. All we have to do is go in there, kill the skeletons, run past the mummies, and finish the boss. I'm out of Town Portals (tps), and escape.

LoRes: (...)

Scoots: ALRIGHT CHUMS UP! LEZ DO DIS!1!1!1!1!11! (Scoots instantly dies)

Scoots: Fisk! Dammit LoRes!111!one Where in the name of Wirt were you while I was defeending U"re honOUR!1onepointone

LoRes: (...)

Scoots: Alright, just stay there and I'll come back and get my bod--(Scoots dies) FISK!!@ I can't get my armor back because I need it to run to get to my body!

LoRes: BACK. Sorry, I was in a winmen convoy. Fisking comblitching.... I signed off to make it look like I crashed though. Did I miss anything?

Soots: (Sigh)... No.
by LoRes July 11, 2008
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Three or more cars are needed to play this game in a residential neighborhood. The leading car sets the pace in the line of cars (convoy) while the last car attempts to pass all of everyone to become the leader. Whoever is the last car and pusses out loses.
convoy chicken: Beware of severe collateral damage, police, and children playing on the street.
by J ROGE809 July 18, 2012
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Convoy: When a bunch of Gay Truckers take turns on you in a truck stop bathroom.
We stopped at a truck stop to use the bathroom and a bunch of truckers ran a "Convoy" on Kevin
by Twnkie The Kid December 30, 2022
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Convoy-cock. Military term describing the hard-on you often get when you're in the back of an army lorry (or bus) rumbling down roads on your way to some military activity.
Jones, wipe that silly smile off your face!
Can't sir
Why not?
Convoy-cock sir
Oh, fair one.
by Steve CHUTER November 22, 2006
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The automobile 'line-up' queue station for COVID suspicious individuals.
Heading to the COVID Convoy...I guess I should have taken this shit more seriously...
by YAWA July 2, 2020
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The large-scale exodus of Irish Catholic immigrants leaving Glasgow to return again to Ireland upon the onset of World War II. As war appeared imminent, a vast amount of these creatures went back home in cowardice with their tails between their grossly misshapen legs.
Look: the Yellow Convoy...happy to enjoy the benefits of living in this country, but when the going gets tough, off they scuttle.
by ianfergusonloyal July 28, 2010
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