5 definitions by Fred Sampson

Self explanatory nickname for McDonald's rectangular breakfast hashbrown-like substance.
Synthetic egg, pseudo-cheese and Canadian Bacan't on almost bread isn't quite the same without a side of grease sponge.
by Fred Sampson February 17, 2022
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The type of weed everyone in Boise smokes.
Hey man, let’s pick up some Oregon Oregano™ this weekend.
by Fred Sampson December 11, 2022
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A fee added on top of the original fee due to the ease of payment.
"We noticed it was too easy for you to give us your money, so naturally, we'll need you to give us more. Therefore, you have been assessed a "convenience fee".
by Fred Sampson April 4, 2018
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A sex move where ass to mouth is performed, whereas the receiver has fecal incontinence.
"She had a burrito from a dubious food cart a few hours before I stuck it in her ass, so she ended up getting the ol' sludge pop when I ran the ATM."
by Fred Sampson November 12, 2017
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The more appropriate spelling of “fidget spinner”. Fagit is pronounced the way Spodermen intended.
All these little little autistic kids nowadays like their stupid ass fagit spinners.
by Fred Sampson November 16, 2020
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