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A person who is politically conservative to an extreme degree, often with no sound intellectual basis for his or her beliefs.

Conservatards believe that loud volume, beligerence, and personal attacks trump logic and reasoning in any argument. In a conservatard's eyes, logic and reasoning are used by communists and hippies to warp the minds of the innocent young, and therefore must be avoided at all costs.

When engaged in political discourse, conservatards change subjects often; preferring to point out unrelated (or even fabricated) examples of liberal folly rather than directly addressing the topic at hand. Some conservatards like to use large words like "misunderestimate" and "nukular" to impress others with their advanced grasp of English vocabulary, and by extension, their intelligence.

Conservatards generally have no concept of history, and in fact, may not even be able to read above a third grade level. Most of their belief structure is dictated to them by a television.
With its recent ruling requiring intelligent design to be taught in schools, Kansas has become the nation's conservatard capitol.
by krt November 30, 2005
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Combination of Conservative and Retarded, not often used because of the childish nature of the word.

This is also the flip side of libtard, which many consevatives believe is a witty insult to liberals.

"Conservatard" is most commonly used when conservatives dismiss facts, research, data, footage, and actual occurrences and instead repeat false accusations or meaningless facts loudly and repetitively so they either don't have to actually debate, don't have to do any research, or don't have to admit or realize they are wrong. Of course if they did any of these things problems could actually be solved, but they don't.

It can be frustrating debating with one of them because the debate doesn't go anywhere. They are not willing to further discussion to resolve issues, they are only concerned to shout their own bias and whatever useless facts or information they can find to support their bias they will use.

Fox news does a great job herding all these sheep.
"This conservatard won't look up tax rates from the Bush-era and how it directly drove 90% of the population wealth down and 10% wealth skyrocketing, all he keeps saying is how Obama is a Nazi.

He doesn't know any of the policies that have been passed or what is actually being changed in our government by the party he is defending. It's just so hopeless having a discussion with this person. I think I'll have a cookie and stop talking to him. Cookies are delicious anyway, screw him."
by poqbum October 28, 2011
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A word that can be used to describe most, if not all, conservatives and Republicans. Frequently spend most of their time bashing Democrats and liberals instead of advocating for their own party.

Believe that a clump of cells is a human being and that its life is more important than the mother's. Use the term baby killers to try and justify their arguments and make people support them.
Usually are rednecks and hillbillies and have lower IQs than their opposition - this has actually been proven by scientific studies, and countless quotes. (See the article '15 Mind-Numbingly Dumb Things Teapublicans Have Said Lately')

Believe that Donald Trump is actually a good choice for a President.
Believe that America is the "best goddamned country on the Earth", but it would be a miracle if they could even draw their own state.
Don't believe in global climate change, even though there has been years of proof of this occurrence.
Believe in helping the rich instead of the poor.
Believe that FOX News is an unbiased and reliable news source.
People who like the way Rush Limbaugh's penis tastes.
by Dark Doo Wop September 12, 2015
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