the emotional state when a man's two heads disagree
AOTS management should hire Alison because she's better qualified, but Sara Jean is sexier. They must feel conflicted.
by hurlyburly3 December 22, 2010
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Conflict means problem, or An argument.
Example: What is the conflict in the story? Or: Hey, what's the conflict here?
by Unknown Unicorn that flys April 19, 2015
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1) Something that follows argument. Physical, verbal or mental conflict.

2) Great punk band.
1) i want mint ice cream.
I don't no conflict, but i want strawberry.

2) i like to listen to conflict.
by Harsh_but_Fair October 7, 2004
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1980s anarcho punk bandm still around today. Known for such songs as "increase the pressure" and "the positive junk". The system maintains... Law And Order through the land
Whats a better conflict record? Its time to see whos who or the first standard issue collection
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
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only the best uk punk band ever! Scratch that best punk band in the world! Anarchist, and very polititcal.
Man, CONFLICT is still pumping out awesome music?
by benjones April 2, 2005
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Coined by Rachel, Christie & Gianna during Big Brother's 2005 series in Australia; used instead of the word conflict to show that you are actually really intellect.
"This week I had confliction with Dean because he has a big dong. This affects my time in the house because..."
by speakafreaka June 21, 2005
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As the name suggests this is conflict within the workplace. These conflicts can be due to people with different personalities that just don’t get on well, or different opinions as to how the work should be done. Managers showing favouritism can cause or exacerbate workplace conflict as can the environment of the workplace itself or the hierarchical structure of the organisation.
Workplace conflict is pernicious and unpleasant and if there is no way that this conflict can be resolved you could be better off working for another organisation.
“Mark and Terry are butting heads over product development again.”
“No surprise there, this place is full of workplace conflict, I’m just glad I’m gone at the end of the month."
by AKACroatalin June 1, 2015
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