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1) Concise in quality
2) The state or quality of being Concise
3) Very concise, having great precision
4) The act of making something Concise
5) Terse or concise in speaking, expressing much in a short amount of words

Archaic: Cutting off, or making apart
Office Worker 1:I do Concision of documents here.
Office Worker 2: Bullshit, Concision isn't even a word.
Office Worker 1: I hate you.
Office worker 2: Succintly stated.
by Infamous Lunchbox April 05, 2008
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When someone tears apart your first draft and gives you about 500 suggestions on how to write it more concisely.
My paper bled red ink hardcore after that teacher's concision.
by Writing J February 13, 2009
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Very concise, with great precision. Also overtly particular about trivial details. Strict attention to detail.
It was with great concision that the contract plans were drawn up.
by Robin Kazmeroff September 21, 2006
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