I went to the market for a terse time.

I need to provide a terse summary for this essay.
by M.G.K September 25, 2011
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North Manchester (UK) slang usage meaning 'of undesirable quality'
'Your band is terse.'

'Did you watch that film I lent you?' 'Yes, it was terse'
by No_friends September 3, 2012
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futuristic adjective for tough and full of spunk on Joss Wheden's show Firefly
Wash (about his wife) : She's terse. I can be terse.
by Rhianna April 18, 2006
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Code written in a manner that makes it difficult for those other than the original programmer to read.
Billy was screwed when he went to update his Java classes because he wanted to be a douche and write terse code.
by javaprogrammer345 November 9, 2009
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