2 definitions by Lady Lynx

To be brief but inclusive. Able to sum up a topic succinctly without elaboration or superfluous detail.
Person: "Can you explain the big bang and string theory?"

Concise Person: "Everything is made up of strings and branes (energy), and when the strings of one universe touch another matter can be transferred across."
by Lady Lynx June 20, 2014
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1) A woman who has decided never to work so she remains perpetually pregnant or with small children, usually all by different fathers. Usually lives off the system or sometimes a guy she 'caught' by getting pregnant.

2) Low class woman with no goals.
"You hear that Stephanie is pregnant again?"
"That's what? Four kids and no dad in sight, she is such a welfare witch!"
by Lady Lynx May 11, 2014
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