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Kind of like FuckMuffin if yu think about it...lol
yu'd use it if u bash ur knee against a table or something around yur parents. Like i have many times.
by kayla January 25, 2004
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Someone that is a hmong
Angela: "Don't crack jokes about blacks, make fun of the wing chings"
Kayla: "Sorry dude"
by kayla April 17, 2004
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1. a band that used to be pretty good consisting of 3 kids who were pretty bored. One day they decided that they wern't famous enough, and sold out. They started wearing all black and eyeliner and started hating bush. Becasue that was the cool thing to do. Suddenly, a million 10-12 year old girls started saying billie joe was so hott, even though he is old and has children. Suddenly, Green day got a million new fans, all of which had no knowledge of their previous CDs.

2. A whole day of getting high.

Person: Hey, want to listen to nimrod?
Green Day "fan": who is that by?
Person:Green day, i thought yo liked them
green day "fan": i do. but they only have one cd... thats all they play on mtv

Haha.I had the best green day yesterday.
by kayla June 18, 2006
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Da cutest boy in Riley
Devins bf
Come here TraQuan
by kayla March 14, 2004
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when the girls vagina is nasty and fishy.
by kayla March 29, 2005
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a mix between a bitch and a slut
Chelsea is acting like a blut
by kayla June 19, 2004
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