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An emo kids expression, complaints, or other emo comments.
Emokid1: All I really know is my heart is bleeding as I cry one thousand tears for you....
NormalPerson1: Stop it with the emoans...
by kayla June 16, 2006
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meaning alot of things...swearing or omg...its like saying well wutever i dont give or like omg thats awsum1
jon: ur not cool
rob: yes i am
jon: no ur not
rob: well cha
by kayla January 24, 2004
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a female who embodies the 'yin' energy. She is nurturing, kind, gentle, loving, and soulful--often going with a more natural earthy look rather than a glam one.

Also can describe a hippie chick but earth mamas are not necessarily hippies.
by kayla December 4, 2003
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to make fun of, make light of.

or the act of being silly.
Susie and her crew were clowning Rosa for having toilet paper stuck to her shoe.
by kayla December 14, 2003
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slang for cool or awsome. Used in mean girls by Grechen Weener.
Omg Kadi you love him. That is so fetch.

Grechen stop trying to make "fetch" happen! It's not going to happen!
by kayla February 8, 2005
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