Very beautiful, can be mysterious, trust worthy, can be very mean if on her bad side, and a very good friend to have because she's always there to help.
Thanks for helping Cheryl!
by WolfGirlUnknown March 9, 2018
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Cheryl is an amazing woman. She is organized, sweet, and on the ball. You’ll never catch her doing anything but being her amazing self. She can be the mom of the group sometimes but it’s only because leadership is in their DNA. You can always count on her to be there.
Person 1: My new boss is super sweet and helpful. She’s AMAZING.

Person 2: What’s her name?

Person 1: Cheryl

Person2: Sounds about right
by Actor_Ava March 21, 2018
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An absolute cutie. Once you have her trust, she will never let you down. Not even the world’s hottest supermodel could match her uniqueness and amazing personality :) She’s someone that you could spend all day with and never get enough of her
Cheryl is such a cutie. I can’t stop thinking about her
by Matteo Salvini 😁 November 25, 2020
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Cheryl is one bomb ass bitch.
She could care less about what others think of her, she’s self-confidant and a go-getter, if she wants something, she hunts it down and claims it as her own.
Fight fire with fire?
No, Cheryl is the type of person to fight fire with ice, and win.
by willowedout March 20, 2019
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Cheryl is a beautiful girl. She is smart enough and makes everyone laugh! She will do absolute anything for you. She truly has a heart of gold and if u disagree with me your wrong and don’t forget that u need a Cheryl in your life she is absolutely to die for she is the best friend anyone can ask for she is kind smart all the good things u can name but also everyone has a bad side but when u see Cheryl she is a total bitch when she’s mad but she is Cheryl and Cheryl is Cheryl !
Woah is tha Cheryl!!
Shes sexy!!
by SpicyDoritos101 May 6, 2020
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Cheryl is a wild creature. Unfettered by society's view of the acceptable. Cheryl will always see the truth behind any façade, except when their hearts wish to find good in humankind. There are good Cheryls and bad Cheryls at opposite spectrums.
Like some kind of supernatural enigma, Cheryl mystified all whom she encountered.
by GypsyKat January 21, 2015
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