Closet bitches. They pretend to be nice and friendly but secretly, they're bitches.
I bet that school is full of uptight clitches!
by drstrangelove May 05, 2013
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The cross between a clitoris ("clit")and a bitch. A "clit" attached to a bitch. A bitch with a "clit".
Take you and your clitch and get the fuck out of here!
No clitches!
That chick is a major clitch!
by Binky666 January 02, 2008
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noun. /klich/ (pl. clutch). Sound made by the release of pressured air when an aluminium can is opened; normally containing beer or bourbon.
How sweet is the clitch of a Jim Beam and Cola can?!
by Duffy01 February 23, 2006
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